Getting data from page URL

I have been struggling with being able to fetch data from page URL. Every time I tell the system to get data from page URL instead it leaves the repeating group blank and doesn’t respond on the user end however whenever I tell it to fetch the current users team members information it only instead fetches only the current uses information and not the rest of the team members. I need it to fetch data for members who are involved in projects and not everyone on the database hence I prefer getting data from page URL rather than using current users team members. I would really appreciate some help on how I can make it fetch data from page URL. I have tried almost everything and it hasn’t responded.

Could you share screenshots of your workflows, URLs, page and group data sources? It’s hard to tell without the additional info the screenshots provide what you’re trying, and why it isn’t working.

here are the screenshots of my workflows and database. Really will appreciate the assistance.

So what was meant to happen is by saying get p data from page URL. Members’ images, first and last names as well as the icon was meant to all reflect on the user end.

Hey there,

Don’t quote me on this, but I think unique ID from page url is of data type text, not project. I don’t know if Bubble automagically knows to search its unique ID.

Your task data type’s project field has data type project. You’re trying to get project from parameter p, but parameter p is a Unique ID, which is a text, not a project.

Instead, you should save the project field as: do search for project with unique ID: get data from page url “p”: first item.

Let me know if that works

Okay thank you, I’ll try that and give you feedback

No need. There’s an option in the Get Data from URL parameter for you to specify what kind of data type it is. It does default to a text.

Neither of these are working. I don’t know where I went wrong, really struggling to figure this out. However when i search for current users team members it shows all the users in the database but i wanted the tasks to be filtered only to users who are part of a specific project however for now I think i will go with the option that reflects all the users

Ah I see. You learn something new everyday. I appreciate it!

What are the constraints applied to the Repeating Group’s data source? From what I can see your constraints should contain something like this: Project's Task Member's intersect with Project Member's > 1

Thank you everyone for your help. I figured it out! So the data would’nt come through on the task view however it works when I click through a project just the way I wanted it to. Therefore I made the task view purely for viewing so I hid the new task button on the task page load and made a condition for it to only show if there are no tasks available or if someone has clicked through a specific project to go to tasks they will be able to create more tasks with those specific project members in that specific project. Thank you everyone for our assistance!