I set a project's unique id as url key. How to configure data source of a group to get data from this project?


So, after clicking on a repeating group item (list of projects), I added a workflow to create a url key with the clicked project’s unique id.

On another group (which I set to be visible only when that project key isn’t empty) I’ll display the projects ‘dashboard’ and other info of that project…

How do I configure this other group data source to get the project which has the url key unique id?

Thank you!

Use the get data from URL


thanks! I was able to get it right after adding :firstitem (is this correct?)

another question, if I refresh the page (or this new group is triggered by the searchbox - that sends the same key to the url), this new group isn’t populated anymore, even though the url parameter is still there. (The group only populates if I clicked on the repeating group item).

How can I fix this? thanks

EDITED: Just made the fix below.

(btw, sorry for my mistakes, English isn’t my first language)

I was able to make it work by setting a custom state (from the url parameter) upon page loading, then I added the custom state as a filter instead of the url parameter. :slight_smile:

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