Getting Specific's from the API


I am building an application on and I am trying to make it to where you can get specific data from your api, so for example the normal API looks like I want to take my API for my app and make it to where I can get specific data from it. So for example, /obj/product/unique_id/name and it only display the name. Is that possible?

Summon everything up. I am trying to use the bubble API to get a specific value / thing from the API.


Not from the DATA API , but from the Backend WF API.
However, It may be possible to do it from the DATA API if you have privacy rules and use “user auth” to get data. But using API key it’s not possible because this auth is admin.


Ohh ok. I see, can you show me an example for a little more in-depth solution. I am new to all the api things.

A data API endpoint will return a “thing”, but you can restrict which fields are exposed by using privacy rules, as @Jici indicated. If your API is for public consumption (does not require authenticated access), then the data API should work. You would just configure the privacy rules to allow view access for only the relevant field(s). If you haven’t already, you should consult the docs.

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An example of which one?

Of the backend workflow and the API if possible.


Check out the Bubble Docs:

Backend WF, if you need to use API key auth without any privacy rules, you will create an API endpoint that will have one parameters set to the DB type. You will call this API endpoint with parameters = unique_id and in action, return API response with just the value of the text field.

For the API data, you will first need a backend WF with the auth for user.
The second point explain you how to create a WF to authenticate with user info.
You usethe token returned to call the DATA API. Privacy rules will apply