Getting started and need help with Workflow

Hi there Community,
I’m hoping there’s someone in the group who wouldn’t mind helping me get started. I’ve completed my design and am attempting to add workflow. However, I am not seeing what I need to do in the options that are there. I think I can be on my way if I get a better understanding of the workflow logic. I’ve read the manual, completed the tutorials and watched the videos, and still have a question.

Appreciate the support.

Can you elaborate your question, where are you stuck?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for replying. I’ll do my best to elaborate. If there’s also anyway to share my screen on the platform, or outside of the platform, that would be most helpful.

Right now, I have text alongside an input box where the user will type data. This data should populate on another page in the form of a statement, sort of like filling out a mad-lib. For example, the user is asked, “Who are you addressing?” The user types a name. That text should populate in a designated field in a pre-written form on another page.

So far, in Design mode, I have created the form and the other page where the form’s answers will be displayed. I’m hoping the user can complete the form, click a button labeled ‘Preview’ and view the completed statement with their answers. This statement should then be emailed to a recipient that the user has provided an email for.

Hope that’s clear. As stated, I would love to share my screen, if possible.

Thank you for your help.


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