Gitbook AI for the Bubble Manual

Hey @petter, @Jeremy, @emmanuel,

Any chance Gitbook AI could be enabled for the Bubble Manual? It’s free on all of their plans during their beta – it’d help a lot when searching the Bubble manual!

Hey Johnny!

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’re looking into Gitbook’s AI features, and may implement them at some point, but we want to learn a bit more about it first to see how we can make sure it works the way we want.


Hey Petter!

Gotcha! I’ve been seeing a ton of documentation providers recently leveraging AI, and it’s been super helpful compared to searching through keywords! Looking forward to seeing what’s to come!

Hi again Johnny,

Coincidentally, we’ve just silently published the AI for live testing. We’d like some time to give this a thorough spin before making an announcement, so please don’t post anything about it just yet here or on social media, but feel free to give it a try and give us some feedback.


Amazing! Thanks!