Give a column in a RG it's own unique element id

I need to give an ID to each cell index in a repeater group. So for example column 1 would be column-current cells index, and so forth. Issue is, you can only give an element an ID i.e the repeater group, not the columns within it.

Any ideas?

Are you referring to HTML Element ID’s?? Then its quite simple add a Text element and make its HTML ID + Current Cell ID so all individala cell have its ID, You can find the colums on Every 2,4,6 etc

Hi @melon,

No, the columns itself need a unique ID, so say you have a RG with 6 columns, each of those need it’s own element ID. Reason being I need to allow users to resize the width of each column when inputting into them.

Hope that makes sense.

Its better to add as a Feature request here -

Thanks @melon, but I don’t have 2 weeks spare let alone waiting for somebody on here to build a feature that’s been asked so many times over the space of 3+ years.

Just wanted to know if anybody knows of a way of doing it, if not I’ll have it built because it’s ridiculous how the community is practically begging for dynamic width of inputs and RG’s yet still 3+ years on it hasn’t been prioritised. @Bubble cannot say “Bubble can build anything” when it cannot do dynamic width. Any Bubbler trying to build Notion, Airtable, a simpler Excel, Google Sheets, or anything involving tables that users need to dynamically input into, cannot do it. I mean you have @ZeroqodeSupport who builds all these plugins yet not one of these developer of plugins has managed to make dynamic width happen, nor resize columns which I’ve lost count of how many threads I’ve seen on the subject. @jon2 made it happen on one of his plugins but it involved losing horizontal column indexing amongst other things.

If nobody knows how to build it, a workaround or a solution, I’ll pay a team to do it myself because it’s really irritating that I’ve tried to do 6 projects and all 6 required this feature. So many have needed it over the years.

I just cannot for the life of me understand why nobody with the skills on here thinks it’s a priority. How on earth are you guys resizing columns to fit your table data? How are you guys moving your columns around? Just a simple plugin that allows columns to be resized. How are you guys building things that require dynamic width or at least the ability to identify the columns within a repeater group so we can change the size of them on a user input?

I’ve spoken to @joe5 who had this issue back in 2018, and i’ve also spoken to @ZeroqodeSupport who I assume @levon works at, and I’ve spoken to @jon2 about the issue.

Allowing dynamic width or AT LEAST resizing columns is surely a must with ANY app that requires the use of a table. I hear the “we don’t know how the browser will react to dynamic width” well every other app does it, Asana, Airtable, Monday, ClickUp, Notion, Hubspot, Infinity, Scoro, Google Sheets, Excel Online, Google Docs, Word Online, even WIX allows it to be done. I’m yet to find any software that does tables where you cannot resize the columns.

How hard can it truly be to do? Surely somebody knows how it’s done.

I’d also like to ensure nobody else suffers months of pulling their hair out over several projects trying the same thing, so how can this be done once and for all?

Anybody? :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

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Hey @tzuork have you tried this plugin?
doesn’t it do what you require?

Hey @levon,

It’s a great plugin but it only allows you to either change the width of the entire RG in one go or elements within each column. I need the actual columns themselves to get wider and thinner as well as the elements within. So that plugin works for the elements within but if column one was 150px and then I made an element within it 250px, it won’t make the column bigger it’ll just cut off 100px of the element.

I need a way of somehow getting an element ID for a column WITHIN an RG element then I can do element ID: column-current cell index and reference that with that plugin. I just can’t find a way of getting a unique ID on a column within an RG.

EDIT: The plugin you mentioned isn’t the one to do the above, got mixed up. Your plugin only does off the viewport and page and only does the entire RG in one go, no use for me.



This is what I need to do, please see this link and advise…

@tzuork Is something like this what you’re looking for?

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