Global search across data types

Can I add a global search bar that will generate a list of results that span data types? I’ve heard that it is possible with integration with Algolia, but I have no idea how to make it work.

Hello! The native way to do this (without Algolia) would be to use different repeating groups for each data type, and create a UI which separates the results by type. This would be very similar to the UI for a spotify or apple music search - when you search a term, the results are then broken out into “Artists,” “Songs,” or “Albums.” Each of these result “types” has a heading and a list of results underneath it.

This would also be possible with Algolia, but the above is a far more straight forward solution - particularly for those with apps who don’t necessarily need a professional plan (the lowest tier required for Algolia integration)

Thank you, @sam.morgan . I think for part of my application multiple lists will be the right solution. I’d also like to consider the Algolia solution if it is possible. My app is growing and I’m getting ready to grow to the professional plan :grin:.

In Apple Music, the “Top Results” shows a co-mingled group. I’d like that to be part of my solution.