Algolia Simple Search

Hi guys,

I am using Algolia Simple Search 2.0, which searches over 30k records and returns these to a repeating group.

For the repeating group to show data, it needs to be of the Type “Text”.

I want the user to be able to select the item from the dropdown, so I am have the Input Field inside a Group and Displaying the current cells’ text to the group and setting the Input’s initial value to that of the group.

In the workflow, I am then Doing a Search the relevant data type’s field for the text, but as there are some duplicated items, I need to match across 2 fields, when I add a second constraint the the search, nothing is displayed.

Is it possible to match 2 different data type fields in this way? Or will I need to add a Unique ID to the tables and search based off that?

I am stills struggling with this.

I can get Algolia to return the results I need fast! But I can’t find a way to add the Item selected to a Data Field list…

I’m more than happy to pay someone to help me resolve this issue, it’s holding up development and I’m sure is an obvious solution with some know how.

I’m fairly certain a repeating group can only display 1 type of thing. (You could get around by making the type of thing a “text”, but I don’t think that’s what you mean).

Let me see if I understand: you want to get a search result of Items.

You want to arrive at that search result based on searching:

  • through its own fields
  • search the fields of a related data type

Yes, it’s possible.

See if this other post helps you get closer to a solution:

Hi @rico.trevisanI thanks for taking a look at this for me. I think that could be on the right track.

What I am now trying to do is Set State for the Entire Data Type “Craftsman Item” (12k records). I created a new state on the popup and set that to “Craftsman Item List(yes)”

That seemed to have caused errors (possible that data set is too large to hold as a variable).

So I looked at constraining it to the search results when input element is changed, but that throws an unexpected error code.