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Gmail business email help needed!

Bubblers, I am trying to set up automated emails with Sendgrid, but the first step is to have a business email [email protected]

I started to set up a Gmail business email and chose the “Business Starter” plan which is £4.14/month.

During set up, I realised I was joining the Business Standard plan which is £8.28/month. I clicked the back button and attempted to join the Business Starter plan but I’m told;

This domain has been registered and is in the process of ownership verification

I have not received an email from them and have tried everything I can think of to gain access. I can not even join the Business Standard plan as I get the same error. I am stuck!?

Have you given them 24-hours to respond? It may take a day or two sometimes but they will get back to you. Have you called any support lines to talk to a person?

You may not find an answer here as it’s google specific.

They don’t offer any contact email/form to get help. I have found that I can delete my Gmail business account so I will try that and see if I can restart. When I get this solved, would you recommend [email protected] or [email protected] … is there a preferred that Bubble recommends?

Doesn’t matter. Could be [email protected]

Could be [email protected]

On track with this thread, my only other suggestion other than scouring the interwebs and google for an answer is to go here

Thank you @jared.gibb, I do quite like [email protected] :rofl:

I ended up changing my domain name and signing up fresh for Gmail business email because I found a better domain name anyway. But, a suggestion for anyone buying Gmail business email, be warey not to simply click ‘set up’ because they will trick you and auto sign you to the Business Standard plan without asking you. Instead, start on the pricing page and go from there.