Gmail integration

Hello. If I want to integrate Gmail with my app, which is the best way to do it? Bubble’s native integration or a plugin (which one)?

I will need to retrieve emails, add/delete labels, and Archive emails. I will not be deleting any emails.

Does anyone know if this use will require the Gmail security assessment? Are they any forms of integration that will not require the assessment (such as integrating through Zapier or a similar service)?


If I want to integrate Outlook calendar and email, is there something similar to Google’s security assessment?

What is necessary to create an Outlook integration?


Have you tried

Thanks. I’m aware of the technical methods for creating an integration. What I’m wondering is if there is anything like the required Google security assessment (which will cost me $15K - $75K).

I’m hoping it’s not so expensive, but also I don’t know what the process is. Or if there is anything at all I need to do with respect to Microsoft.

I’m also not asking about the legalities of using personal data, etc. Only the process for establishing a developer integration with Outlook mail & calendar into my app.

Also, would only work to integrate my app with my own Outlook account for the purpose of manipulating the data in more ways or on other platforms.

What I need is for my users to integrate their own accounts so my app can do stuff with their email and calendar (two-way is preferable). So I don’t think would even work in this case.

We currently use Nylas. Retrieving emails will require a security assessment, no matter what route you take. Not sure about the other aspects you mentioned.

For Outlook, can you please point me to the information on the security assessment? I was not able to find anything. Thanks!

You don’t need it for outlook

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Thank you!