Bubble - Zapier - Google (calendar, gmail)

I know I can create a direct integration between my Bubble app and Gmail/Google Calendar. I also know that if I do there is an expensive, mandatory app review that could cost $15K - $75K+.

There is also a Zapier integration.

Does anyone know if I integrate using Zapier to connect with Gmail and Google Calendar if I still need to submit my app for the app review? Or is it sidestepped because I used Zapier to connect and Bubble’s integration has already been vetted by Google?


A better question might be, Can I use Bubble’s Zapier integration to let my users connect their own Google Calendar/Gmail with their account on my app?

I realize the integration might only allow my app to integrate with my own assets like My Google Sheets for whatever purpose, but what I want is for my users to provide integration to their Google account and then each user interact with my app directly to their own data on my account.


Did you find the answer to this?

Zapier is not an option for user accounts. It’s meant as an automation tool for the app to use for it’s own processing.

can you clarify what app review you are referring to for the integration and where that 15k - 75k expense comes from!?

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I am referencing Google’s Restricted Scope Verification. You can read about it here:

If your app uses Google’s api to access any restricted scope data, your app needs to go through an annual developer funded security review.

How will the security assessment work?

First, your application will be reviewed for compliance with policies governing appropriate access, limited use, minimum scope. Thereafter, you will use a third party assessor to begin your security assessment. Your app will have the remainder of 2019 to complete the assessment. The assessment fee is paid by the developer and may range from $15,000 to $75,000 (or more) depending on the size and complexity of the application. This fee is due whether or not your app passes the assessment; the fee includes a remediation assessment if needed. If your app has completed a similar security assessment, you will be able to provide a letter of assessment to the assessor as an alternative. More details on the security assessment will be provided by January 9, 2019.

That quote is from Google’s blog announcement about this assessment:

This article may be of interest (or not…):