Receive emails for each user


I want to create a CRM like app, where each user can integrate their own email address (gmail, outlook). Once integrated, when such a user receives an email, a new thing (type Message) needs to be created in the database and the the dashboard displays all such messages for that user.

How can I do this? - I am specifically interested for the first part (how to let each user connect their email address), the rest I gave for context, I assume is straightforward after integration is done.

There are APIs which will handle the email linking and send webhooks to your Bubble app when emails are received. The user connects their email to the API provider and the API provider will provide you with the tools to do cool stuff with that.

Mailgun inbound.

You’ll have to do their mail on a subdomain or move 100% to your platform for email.

Not that complex of a setup, really can be done in <5 hrs

How is this done in bubble?

Yes, this is how it is done with Gmail, and similar would work for Outlook. But question is how to do this from Bubble. In essence yes, Bubble needs to trigger opening up Google oauth window where the user will give consent that Bubble app has access to their email address.

But my question was how to do this from bubble…