How to go back at same location of the previous page

when i go to previous page, it takes me to top of the page rather than taking me to same location where I left. Can someone please help!!

Store where you are on the page in a custom state. Then when you leave the page, store the state on the user. When you come back the page, you can restore the state and scroll to the previous location.

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I am new to bubble, can you please tell me how we add state? I will really appreciate if yo could hare some snapshots.

Im not able to understand how to implement it. Kindly explain it.

Will see if I can create an example for you.

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Thank you, looking forward to it…
I really appreciate it.

Well, that is a LOT harder than I had imagined …

Sadly, bubble doesn’t allow you to use a dynamic offset on the “scroll to” … so you can’t save the scroll position and then use that to scroll when you return.

And also, Bubble’s workflow loses the internal scroll position it seems. You can get round it.

A simpler way would be to pass the scroll position in a parameter.

You will then need to scroll to an element based upon the numeric scroll position.

Still trying to get it working, but getting there. A few bugs to raise :slight_smile:

I am interested in that too. I think I can solve it with somewhat complex workflows, but I’m looking for an easier solution, since my page has enough workflows already.
In my case scroll position is not very important, the user clicks on a series of tabs that make different content appear. These contents lead them to different pages. When they go back, I want the same tab to be selected instead of the default one. To clarify, scroll position would be great, but I can settle for just the tabs.

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