Go to current page action?


Does anybody know if it’s possible to ‘Go to’ the current page, without explicitly specifying the page name?

I would like to use the ‘Go to’ action from a Reusable element, and because this Reusable element is used in multiple pages, I would like not to ‘hardcode’ the page.

I could have a condition per existing page (is current page the X page?), and Go to that X page, but I was wondering if there was a cleaner and more flexible approach.

If I use the ‘Go to external website’ action, and put the current page, does it just reload (and not refresh) the current page, or it does refresh it?


Edit: yes, ‘Go to external website’, even on current url, does refreshes the page.

Reusable elements are just that, not a page. The typically are added to a page and revealed by a button/workflow. Same goes for popups.

Yes, but since they can use the ‘Go to’ action, I was wondering if there was a way to go to the current page without hardcoding the current page.

Sorry, I read your question wrong.

This is exactly what custom states are for, you set them up on the reusable element to receive a state, and set that state as part of the display reusable element workflow.

Right, I think mentioning Reusable elements has made my question a bit more complicated.

Let’s forget about Reusable elements.

Can a page ‘Go to’ itself, adding some parameters, without explicitly setting the page in the list of pages of the ‘Go to’ action?

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Not sure if you managed to sort this, but I guess this would work, although obviously it would fail in dev mode as it already contains the ?debug_mode variable so you’d need to add another step for this condition (This url&variable=… would work when Isn’t live version is “yes”)


Hey, thanks a lot for answering.

Yes, this would work, but the problem is that the ‘open an external website’ action refreshes the page (even if it’s the current page), whereas the ‘go to’ action does not refresh the current page (merely reloads it).


Hello @miguel,

Did you find a solution for this in the end?

I am facing the same issue (go to same page with specific parameters in a reusable element).

Thanks a lot,

You’d have to have different “go to” workflows based on what the current page name is. So no, i don’t think this is possible.

I’d love bubble to enable this in the future.

I ended up doing what Andrew said, a Go to with a condition that checked what page I was in. Not ideal at all.

Hi there - just launched a feature for this! Learn more: [Feature] Enable navigating to a dynamic page