"Go to page" would not load but back to index

Hi I have set up a workflow where a user’s logged in, you can upload files and “submit”. Once you submit, it will send data to Slack and as a last step, it sends you to other page where you can pay.

The thing is, when I click “submit”, it would properly send details to Slack but would not direct me to the other page. It sends me back to index page and log me out automatically.

No bug messages.

video of flow

Hey @nomadinseoul,

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Can you send some screenshots of your workflows and issue?

Hi i have updated it! @johnny

Is there something on the page you redirect to that kicks the user out?

not that i know of… it doesn’t have any “only when user’s logged in” or “log out user if”

Few things.

Check this setting, I’ve had issues with OAuth in the past with this. By standard it is set to index.
settings → general

Put a text element on the page you get directed to with “current user is logged in” refer to the yes/no boolean to see if the user is actually being logged out or just redirected.

Does slack include a redirect back to index in your slack configuration settings either on slack settings or on bubble?

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