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How to show only one item in repeating group?

Hello bubble folks!

I want to use display only one item in my list and use a button to show the next item.

I think I should use a repeating group, apply a sorting logic and display the top item.

But I don’t see how can a repeating group display only one item.

Thank you for your help!


in your repeating group, set it to full list and after the datasource dynamic data expression add :items from :items until

you can use custom states to store those values so you can move from one item to the next

alternatively you can check out list shifter plugin which makes the whole process much easier


While I appreciate the shout-out, @boston85719, I think what the OP is looking for is the “Fixed Number of Cells” option in Repeating Groups. (Set it to 1 column, 1 row, then change the displayed item using the actions > Repeating Group > Show next / Show previous.)


Thanks @Keith @boston85719! Fixed Number of Cells does the quick fix! To control a sorting logic, @boston85719 ideas seems the way. Thank you!!

The sorting logic I mentioned was used to only show the item number of the list…which is more of a pagination type of thing…what Keith mentioned was a way to use bubble workflows to do the pagination with the fixed number of cells. I’d use Keiths way for your use case.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for, Thank you @keith! I have set the RG Fixed Number of Cells to 1 column and 1 row, and I’ve tried a few ways how to Show next / Show previous, but I don’t seem to be able to work this one out … e.g. I created a group with an icon Previous in it, (and another group Next) and wanted to create a workflow “when this group is clicked” show previous/next item in the Repeating Group, but there is no option previous/next item, only options item#, first item, last item , range which non of these helps me to achieve that…

It’s an action on repeating groups. In your workflow, select Element Actions > Repeating Group > Show Next or Show Previous

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Thank you so much @keith!

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