GoNative Mobile Wrapper and GPS – Apple won't let me update the app

I use the GoNative mobile wrapper to put my app in the Android and Apple app stores. GPS is a requirement of my application. For the record, I’ve contacted Bubble and GoNative support for help on this and didn’t much out of it so I’m seeing if the community has any ideas.

The issue is that Apple has tightened their restrictions on how you ask for location. As soon as you open my app it immediately asks “https://***.com wants to know your location”, which is just the default Safari prompt. Now, Apple requires you to use the official dialogue which would say something more like “App wants to know your location for X reason”, with a detailed explanation. I’ve already set this up in Xcode and it works, but Bubble still asks for the location first with the generic message before the proper one comes up so I cannot get approved to update anymore.

The GoNative documentation covers how to get around this problem: https://gonative.io/docs#native-js-location-prompt

However, of course, I can’t stop Bubble from asking for the location from the elements and workflows. There’s even a bug I found that even if I delay this particular workflow by X seconds, or even have it not activate at all (make the condition to run it never true), if that workflow is on the page it still immediately asks for location data. I can’t wrap the Bubble code with this, so it fires instead of prompting the proper GPS message:

if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('gonative') > -1) { 
function gonative_geolocation_ready() { 
// call navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition in function call 
else { 
// call navigator geolocation.getCurrentPosition right away directly 

I’m at a loss here now. I HAVE to get my app updated soon, it’s already months out of date and completely broken on iPhone X which will be fixed with this update. And my app description is terribly out of date too, and wouldn’t you know it - can’t change it without updating the app.

If you’ve read this far, thanks!

Why you dont try dropsource or better: wrapping your app using xcode ?

The last option is better but requieres experience using dev tools.

Btw you can hire a developer/freelancer to do that.


I’m not experienced enough to trust wrapping it myself, but I’ll do some research. Good to know that’s possible, and I’ll price that freelancer approach too.

Never heard of Dropsource but after looking it up I’m intrigued… but is it a complete alternative to Bubble?

Well im not very fan of dropsource, we have a lot of customers that we changed them from dropsource to a wrapper app directly to xcode.

But its a good alternative to goNative.
If you decide to build a wrapper and have the control of your source code, pm us :blush:.

About if its an alternative to Bubble, you can build your entire app un dropsource but imo Bubble has a stronger back-end. You can use both Bubble as back-end and dropsource as wrapper.

Ps: sorry for some bad words, im writting from phone which is changing my words with auto-corrector because i have another native language and its breaking my nerves.


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were you able to figure this out? We are using GoNative with Bubble and are running into the same issue.

Were you able to figure this out? I’m still struggling as bubble keeps asking my users for their location

Hello ,

Remove the localisation function from your bubble app temporary , submit your app to Apple. then re-enable it when it has been approved and on market.
I used GoNative for a while and I had the same issue . Then I moved to Drop Source to completely recreate the app , much better, but indeed more technical skills needed .

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