Gonna develop an app

Hello everyone…I am new here .
Actually I have a project on mind but cannot develop an app myself…when I submitted it for help, every company was asking me to pay for the help…
I am a student and I got no money to pay…
For this, if anyone is interested in my project knowing how to develop an app, kindly inbox me for I am going to share my project for free .
Hope you will cooperate!
Thank you.

What’s your project about?

It’s to develop an app titled ‘weight sensor’

I am vary much looking forward to make it real

That’s the thing about people… They like to be compensated for work they do. For the sake of the longevity of your app and your own personal growth, I’d strongly recommend starting to learn Bubble rather than asking for a handout from the community. There are lots of great (and free) resources out there to get you started.

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