$100 for your expert and honest opinion

Hello Bubblers!

I recently placed a post in the ‘Jobs / Freelance’ section of the Bubble forum entitled “Love Dogs? Well do I have a project for You!”. I sough and still seek a developer who can help me add some functionality to my product.

To date, I have been unsuccessful finding someone to help me. I recently had a meeting with one developer who originally expressed interest in my project but in the end turned it down because s/he felt it was full of approaches he felt were held together by band aides and other things not adhering to best practices of the Bubble community.

Needless to say, this made me feel like I hired the wrong person to build my app if their work is regarded as sloppy by others.

Obviously, this concerns me and I want to verify if this recent insight is indeed the case as finding a developer has been very difficulty for me.

If you would like to help me learn how well my Bubble app was built PM me and we can discuss the specifics. If hired you will get access to the apps editor so you can look inside.

The website of my app is dogtag.taganize.com

Thank you,


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What functionality of your app do you need to create or fix? If you post specific areas where you need expertise that may help you find a good fit.

My post is not about functionality of an app or fixing something.

My post is a call for Bubble subject matter experts that may be interested in reviewing how my app was put together and giving me insight as to what they see.

My sense is that experts will have varying levels of knowledge on different aspects of apps and Bubble – design, data structure, filtering, APIs, mobile, etc. – being strong in some areas and weak on others.

For example I looked at an app built by a developer that was advanced in many ways, but the searching functionality was built in a way that prevented the app from scaling.


That’s a very good point and most likely something I will be able to address through my experience once my quest has been accomplished.

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It’s also hard to tell just from the front-end. I’d actually need to go into the editor and give my opinions, but I agree with what @ed727 said

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That’s what this is all about!

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