Good to know: Cant change code blocks

So i opened a plugin to edit some code, no matter where in the code i put the cursor any thing i did from there would skip the cursor right to line 1 behind the function. This has been an issue Ive had for a while except this time was different, this time it was 100% repeatable like the code was a slippery slide back to line 1 first char. I found that somehow if this little plugins travels between Github and bubble It somehow ended up adding an extra line below the default } close to the function. turns out no matter top or bottom if line 1 does not start with function(instance, properties, context) { and the final line finish up with the close } this will happen so heads up, white on white color does not make that as obvious as you would think.

Can you file a bug report is if’s reproduceable? There has to be a way to avoid this

No worries, will submit one shortly.

Hey @jarrad have experienced the behaviour you described for a long time - it’s painful! I don’t know why I haven’t submitted a bug report yet ??

Nothing against bubble, they have a lot to do im sure, so its more the fact that I have actually already reported this inside another issue but its a tricky one for them to see the issue on their machine right now when they have the allotted time to investigate. I think your saying the the first half of the above? not the github one but that general one were as you look down to furiously smash a mega function out the bugger flicks behind the opening function on the first key press and you look up and that code just never existed… does my head in… lol

Yeah that’s the one… I make all my edits in a text editor and then paste in, to make best use of my one key stroke :slight_smile: will file a bug report because it’s actually put me off quite a bit.

The other one that would be great would be to insert a field ‘in-line’ rather than at the bottom - know what I mean? Bubble added ability to move fields up or down one place, but in big plug-ins like amCharts this is non-workable as there are ~100 fields.


So i opened a plugin to edit some code, no matter where in the code i put the cursor any thing i did from there would skip the cursor right to line 1 behind the function

+1, I’ve seen this issue a lot, usually just momentarily but occasionally I have to refresh the page to stop it happening

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Do you guys get the feeling that the app should just be what an instance is all about, we all use the same editor and instead of a notes slide out we take on a code block? i mean i cant ever see the builder being at par in regards to worth while time spent enhancing can you? I mean I have managed to “make” a plugin using a bubble site, with the actual benefit of right there on the page running code live, Im defiantly not saying turn the app builder into code or have code jumping out at a user, this would totally destroy bubble. Im more talking like you you dont like a plugin, dont add it, you dont want to code, dont add builder privileges to your app. we could even move toward a in editor builder window, that raw functions could be shared, or even live alerts to the fact that our code might contain an external reference that will cause issues. ok… i will shut up now, i can already feel the eyes on the back of my neck, lol