[New Plugin] Code Editor

Hey Bubblers, just published a Code Editor plugin — it features a simple code editor for HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Here are a few key features:

  • Set the mode (Mixed HTML or Javascript)
  • Set whether lines wrap or continue via horizontal scroll
  • Turn on/off read-only mode

Here are some demo GIFs:
final_5fbf12ffbe764f00f15c2c60_613190 final_5fbf11d539e3a200f8c28a52_294909

Don’t hesitate to provide requests or feedback.



Going to have to dust off my old Myspace CSS skills.

@josh10 make sure to update your ‘top 8’ while you’re at it :wink:

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@alex4 Thanks for this plugin. Congrats on 2k installs. Is it easy to have Code Editor parse a JSON file from Bubble storage as its placeholder or initial content (Javascript equivalent)? I plan to use read-only mode.

Hey @dummyhub thanks for reaching out and the congrats!

Yes, as long as you can get your JSON from Bubble in a string format, you should be able to do something like this example, where I’ve created a read-only JSON editor.

Here’s the link to the editor:

bubble.io says “User does not have permission to view this document”

I need to check for an Initial Content or similar field.

Thanks for letting me know. Just made the editor public!

Is this still maintained? Not seeing anything an getting front end error: “monaco is not defined”

Hi @sarabeth thanks for reaching out!

Yes, this plugin is still maintained.

We’re not able to replicate the issue you’ve reported. Can you PM a link to your editor or share screenshots of your setup?