Plugin Editor Bug - Changing property type doesn't actually change the type

Hi @Bubble team, this bug has given me sleepless nights so please take a look at it (i’ve filed a bug report).

When you change the field type in the plugin editor, even though the editor shows the new type, the old type still remains and in use.

Take a look at the image below. I’ve created two fields both of which are checkbox fields.
I just added two console logs in the update function to print the values of the field.

Strangely the first is printing a boolean value while the second is printing a list even though they’re both checkboxes and both should print boolean values.

The reason for this strange behaviour is that I initially had the second field as a list of texts.
Then I changed it to a checkbox.
But unfortunately bubble is still using the old type (list of texts) instead of the new type, checkbox.

@emmanuel, @josh, @neerja

I have the same behavior with updating a plugin. I’m waiting for more information before I send a report to Bubble. When I update a plugin, for example to version 1.15, it is version 1.14 that stays in function. I have to do several maneuvers before I can get the right version. Can it be connected? It’s like a Bubble cache that doesn’t update.

Thanks for submitting the bug report. We’re looking into it.


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