Google Analytics Issue

Hi yesterday I set up Google Analytics for my site and used the Bubble plugin and filled the Google Analytics id into it. It’s been more than 24 hours but no data is appearing in my google analytics. Even in real time nothing shows.

What could be the reason for this?


Trawling the already grubby memory banks for this.

But maybe need to check which version of GA you are using.

The “old” one had something like UA-xxxxxx and the “new” one (V4?) missed the UA.

I think you had to set up GA as a mixed old/new and use the UA code as that is what the plugin is expecting.


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Thanks but I have put the right tracking code in the plugin and this code starts with G- not GA.
In my Google Analytics in the All Accounts menu when I click my site, I see only a number with 9 digits and nothing with UA or GA. The number that starts with G- (which I have entered in the plugin) is seen only in the Google Analytics stream as the measurement id. Anything wrong I have done?

G-ABCDEFGHIJ is the right type of code to use for GA4 . (this is a made-up example code - yours will be different :slightly_smiling_face:).

There is a lot of information on here on how to debug your GA install. You don’t have to buy the plugin - much of the information applies to any GA install.

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