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Google Analytics not tracking data -- set up properly

Installed the official GA plugin by Bubble. Added the tracking ID correctly. Deployed to live.

I see ‘ga’ in console, but GA Debug Chrome Extension sees nothing – shows nothing in console.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. Still no data tracked.

I’ve installed GA on lots of sites. Never on a Bubble site. I’ve made multiple Bubble sites, but this is my first time putting GA on one. Unsure why it isn’t working – maybe it’s my end or the plugin’s end. But I have a pretty simple site so seems like the plugin should just work.

It’s not telling me anything I might be doing wrong either.

Here’s the site:

All help welcome! Thanks.

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I have the same problem. The only workaround so far seems to be to use the GA script snippet and put it into the header by placing it in settings → SEO…

Still not an optimal solution