Google API outputs wrong results

Hi guys, do anyone knows how Google Place’s API sometimes returns wrong results despite of the fact that same parameters entered directly in Google maps website return a correct result?
It seems that some cities are “preferred” and work well, other cities not, generally wide cities are better than small cities but I’ve found good results with small cities too, so I can’t find a general rule.
My worflow passes by URL the parameters named “City” and “PlaceType” (restaurant, coffe shops, veterinary and so on) then in another page I will get these parameters in 2 input fields then in the map element I’m querying by the Location = City parameter’s value and Query string = PlaceType’s parameter’s value.
Radius is void because otherwise sometimes it outputs weird results, too.
here an example:
Input field setting:


Map settings:


If I enter City = Colloredo di Monte Albano and the address Via Lauzzana 10 (relly existent) and query for Police department I will receive some good results inside a wrong map showing results outside Italy…but Address saved in the address field on the page is correct (I don’t use it for the query but it worths to notice)

If I enter city = Basiliano and address = via Battisti 71 (really existent) and query for Zoo I will receive totally wrong results

I’ve found that something seems to be related to the format of the input field: if I put City as Address format it works most of the times but produces sometimes these weird result, if I put Text as format it did not work at all.

What I’m doing wrong ? Any help really appreciated.

Try the input a geographical format, and extract the city

Hello, I tried and found that it worked better than before !
Many thanks, I’ve spent a lot of time on the issue and did not think about the geographic format.
A ton of thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

PS: just for completeness of information I think now everything is be setup correctly but results are not perfect and it seems errors are located in the Google maps database. I solved the case of the city “Basiliano” only when I entered as geographic address not oly the city but also the province of pertinence, otherwise the geographic address was wrongly translated (by Google I suppose) and stored in the database as the address you can see in the picture (the one located in UK and not in Italy as it would have had to be).Now I know the explanation !
About the second case the results are the same as before so the explanation is probably an error on the Google’s side which returns correct results plus wrong results located on the other side of the world.

you re welcome !