Google Place API can't show right location

Hi everybody, I’m a newbie and can’t sort it out on how to make the Google Place API works well for my purpose.
I have the map linked to 2 input fields, one for entering the location and one for entering the type of objects I’m searching for (Hospitals, hotels and so on)
here the screenshot:

it’s happening that if I define a static value for Location = New York then Google Maps shows New York as correct location, then it will shows the correct type of object I’m looking for, but if I try to pass this value by means of the input field then the location shown will be wrong

I also tried to use the parameter called “Current Geographic position” as location (my computer is showing the right location when I’m in editing mode on Bubble) but when I go in Preview mode the location shown is completely wrong.
What I’m doing wrong ?
I published the testing page here:
Thanks in advance for any help, so much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would suggest looking at the sample apps which have some map related examples. Links:

Thanks a lot Frostyblox :slight_smile:
I’ve missed them and think now I will be able to find my way over there.
Thanks man and have a good day :wink:

I’ve found a solution consisting into pass a parameter from another page url to an input field on my MAP displaying page the I told the map element to base its query on the input field.
The root cause of my issue I think was due to the fact that the data type of the Location Address to display had to be set on Address and NOT Text otherwise the query could not work.