Google Auth - consistent errors

Hi there, I’m consistently getting errors when I try to login in with Google auth in my Bubble site. The issue isn’t signing up - it’s more that when I log out for the first time and then try to login with Google, I’m getting an error that says the redirect URI is incorrect.

The issue seems to be that my Workflow for Logging Out is sending the Current User data back to the Logged Out page - however, there’s no option to leave that part blank and not sure what to fill that data send with so that the URL of the Index page goes back to its generic state (links for illustration):

The generic state works fine when signing up to the site, but the modified one is causing an error when I log out and try to log back in (for obvious reasons since the two URLs are different and the redirect URI in GCP is the first one). Anybody have a fix here? Much appreciated!

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