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Hello bubblers, I am new to using this platform and i find it quite interesting but unfortunately I am facing a problem I dont know how to solve. I am trying to get the title of any book typed in by the user but each time i fetch the title using the google books api i get a very long string as opposed to just one title. How do i ensure i get only one title. find the attached to see the result

this is how the title of this book came out .

if you can Kindly point me in a good direction i would appreciate it. Thank you

Are you using a plugin or did you build the API connection through the API connector? From the looks of it, it would appear that you’re pulling a list of books (the comma separated values) as opposed to a single result.

If you’re interested in using GoodReads, I built a plugin that does the same thing you’re looking for.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 120+ great Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching for Bubble).

Thanks dan. I am checking out the GoodReads API now and will give you feedback asap. Much appreciated

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hey dan, is there a documentation on how to use your API?

@bellozeekar - was thinking the same as well. My plan is to record a walkthrough lesson and post by tomorrow.

In the meantime, there’s a bit of limited documentation in the subsequent messages on the post I linked earlier.

I went through it and put every parameter like i was supposed to but the repeating group doesnt bring any search result.

Can you post pictures of your setup or share a link to your editor? Hard to resolve based on text alone.

repeating%20group%20settings the%20text%20to%20display%20the%20title

included is the repeating group settings and the text to display the title in the repeating group when a search is made

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Could you post a screenshot of the data source? If no results are appearing, it’s likely that you don’t have a defined search term [q] or that the search type [searchfield] isn’t properly defined.

It looks like you have not added an API key. Register as a developer at and add your API key to the plugin. Otherwise, your setup looks correct.

As well, I had a few minutes just now so I recorded a video walkthrough. Here’s a link.