How Can I do this in Bubble

Trying to build a book search platform and maintain a personal library.


Can you please help how can i search the book and add it in series.

I would recommend checking out the plugin page to see if they have a plugin to help you search for books online, creating a Repeating Group, setting the Content to the API, the source all to the API, allowing for the Repeating Group to pull from the API. Now to add a book to your personal collection, you’d need to add a List of Books (Whatever the API is), and then add a workflow to the button, if button is clicked (possibly add a condition where if user’s library contain this book don’t make it work), add the current page’s book to current user’s library. Something in that regards.

Sorry if this made no sense.


Thanks for the help. I have downloaded Google api for Books and i am able to search. The challenge is the repeating group is seen in the preview. Ideally this should be seen only when some one searchers for the book. Also I have created workflow to add in the library once i click on book. The challenge is it is not adding on. It just replaces the old one

There is a BookKeeper tool in the website.

Anyone knows how we can download this.

I am a newbie here

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