Google Calendar (Get -Retrieve events)

I set up a google calendar API call to retrieve events from a specific calendar ID.
The token authentications works just fine.
The API call works…but it doesn’t give me the “List of Items” , the value it gives is ZERO. Thus, i can’t used in the Rgroup.

Have you ever face this, or have I clue of what could be missing? I really have check the complete documentation. Thanks for any help.

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Just to confirm, does this calendar actually have events and its not passing them OR does it just not have any events?

Sometimes when setting up a call like this I would just hit the Edit raw data, and add the JSON markup for the response im expecting to happen later, so in this case an an array of events in the correct structure the docco says they will have, then save that and the RG will work because its expecting an array

Hi Oliver, thanks for the time to respond to me and also for your recommendation.

Does the calendar have events? yes, it has. I also have tried the Edit raw data, but, honestly, the documentation indicates that inside those brackets it could be a whole immense possible Json, that I couldn´t figure out how to extract and set up the thing I needed. However, I could solve it. Let me tell you how. (just if you or someone else needs it in the future)

I tried just to put 50 max results, instead of 5 in the initializing call. I ran it, and it finally gave me the " Item" List. Voila.

It was a little frustrating and fun the process, but finally, it came to a good end.
Cheers Oliver.

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