Google Calendar Plugin Error 403

hey @levon

I’m creating an app that will help me keep in better touch with my friends/family by using our calendars to find times for us to chat do things, etc. In order to do this I need to be able to have each user connect their Google Calendar to the account, so the app can see if they’re free/busy and then schedule things to do.

I’m trying to a basic authentic with my own calendar to make sure I can get the data I need.

Here’s the link to the test page:

The first step works, it will go to the this page

However, I then this error

Any idea what to do?

This is how to go and solve your issue bud.

Thanks a lot…would have never figure that out on my own! Will look into it now.

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more specifically, start buy going the the link in the image your posted right down the bottom, thats the project that has this oauth client attached to it. My guess is you have not completed the final part - verifying your domain or possibly the wrong url in the oauth client setup.

Thanks Jared. I didn’t set up the “API Key” correctly. The authentication works now.

Now, I only see an option to ‘create an event’

Now a question about this plugin. I need to query my calendar to identify times when I’m not busy. Any idea on how to do this?

You would be going for this type of authentication - it enables your app to communicate with google and perform tasks without you or your users logging in, I should point out that I have got most of these plugins created for use with JSON tokens as the normal ones will not allow this method of authentication.

I should be able to get access to my own google calendar with the original way I set it up, correct?

Currently, I’m just trying to show my calendar data in a repeating group, so I can figure out how to manipulate it.

Im pretty sure that plugin is not going to help you with automated tasks, as long as you are logged into the app you will be able to perform tasks but when you close the app i dont believe you will be able to act as that account using api workflows (if this is what you mean?). the call to get your calendar should be getting data so it will be a get data from external api i would say, not an action.

Got it. That makes sense a long term solution. Right now, just trying to figure out how to get my calendar data into a repeating group!

i havent used that plugin but im guessing if you make the rg’s type a google cal type, the its data a get data from external api you would get what your after.

Got it. I’d like to hear more about your recommendation for integrating with Google Calendars. I looked at the link you sent me, but it just said “DM if interested”. Let me know if you’d like to chat.

@levon I’d also be interested to hear if you think that your plugin could do it

Your more than welcome to message me if you would like to know more, Its not an expensive exercise nor a long one, but it obviously has a certain level of privacy that goes along with it and is personalized to yourself and your app so its best off not on a public forum.

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yes, if you simply make the repeating group’s type as Google Calendar as Jarrad suggested then you should be able to see your calendar entries.
You might have to tinker a bit with type and data source of the repeating group. They should match each other and not produce any error
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