Google Calendar "forgets" authentication?!

I am using Google OAuth 2.0 Plugin for login, and a Google Calendar Plugin for calendar authorization / letting users create events on their calendar.

Login works (also fetching user data). Calendar auth works. Creating events works, too.

This was yesterday, anyway. (or about 8h ago)

Today, login is still possible, but the calendars don’t work anymore?! Even when I try to reauthorize calendars, neither fetching nor sending information works.

Is the token expired?

If I try a different google account (new login, new calendar auth) everything works again. So my current theory is it has something to do with expiring access tokens.

Would really appreciate some help!

Are you storing the refresh token?

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Yes, Google Access Tokens expire after 1 hour.

Have you added offline to the scope ? Assuming you are using Bubble’s OAUTH it should refresh the tokens for you using the refresh token as long as you request offline. But you do need ask for pemission to do this.

So check you have this box ticked in the API connector OAUTH2 setup.


You should see this when you do the authorisation, Google will tell you that your app is asking for offline permission.


Hey @NigelG,

thanks for your reply! I seem to use a different plugin than you do, as my screen doesn’t have that option.

This is the plugin I use:

Which is the one you’re talking about? Or do you mean setting up acces and refresh tokens directly in the API Connector? This I have tried, following a different forum post (Google Calendar API use case - #3 by cha_james), however it also documents an API call which now seems to be deprecated (Google Contacts) so I was only ever able to get the access and refresh token to work.

This plugin doesn’t have this option enabled.

Also, if you are using multiple Social network auth for the same user, Bubble will not update them all (I think only the last one used but not sure. It’s been a while since I test that).

Also, this plugin doesn’t have any calendar endpoint. You cannot match different plugin together or call with API Connector. One API Connector will use the related auth, not the auth from other API

My FullCalendar plugin offers both of these! Plus a calendar and other goodies!

Oh yeah, and it’s free! Check it out @fab118 , it might be just what you’re looking for!


I think I have just realised where it is you were talking about. It’s a type of API connector right? I used “None or self-handled” based on the forum post, while there’s now an option specifically for OAuth2.

Do you happen to know where I can find a setup for this one? Otherwise I may be able to piece it together from other sources

Lovely, what’s it called? I’ll make sure to check it out!

Full calendar scheduler suite