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Google Cloud instead of Bubble File Storage?

I see that there’s a Box plugin supported by Bubble (as well as a number of 3rd party plugins) for file storage. Is there anything in the works for working with Google Cloud or Dropbox instead? Seems a bit strange that these wouldn’t be supported as a base line, as they are arguably more popular than Box.

Just to add on - does Bubble have any plans for decreasing the cost of Bubble storage, or just making file storage overall a bit easier? To me, this is one of the features I would have figured would have been solved for up front, considering how frequently web apps include some sort of file management.

Bubble’s cost of 1$/GB is of course wildly more expensive than most cold storage options these days. This means most web apps will necessarily look to 3rd party storage, but as mentioned above, there seems to be very few options outside of Box. Quite a pickle.


I am really struggling with the storage options…Box has a limit of 50MB…even if ou have a professional plan (Box) allowing you to upload files up to 5GB each, Bubble will only upload 50MB through the “supported” integration with Box…that’s just disappointing.

Limited storage options & not being able to self host is the only reason I can’t use bubble & I don’t see them making a effort to change this.