Bubble's file storage is very expensive


Bubble offers $10 for 10 GB, it’s very expensive; AWS file storage pricing it’s .0125 for 1 GB, so for $10, I can have more than 500 GB.

Or am I wrong?

  • Bubble’s file storage is expensive
  • Bubble’s file storage is okay
  • Bubble’s file storage is cheap

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@emmanuel and @josh, please give us cheaper file storage :grinning: :computer:


Yeah it’s pretty expensive - I think anyone with an app that relies on users uploading any sort of asset (pic/vid) integrate with 3rd party storage pretty quickly :slight_smile:


I’m also curious why it’s so expensive. Maybe there’s an explanation that the Bubble team can give?


I think pricing reflects other systems that work jointly with AWS S3.

I guarantee you that Bubble is making more profit off storage for apps that pay for extra than they are for the app subscription itself. It’s insanely high. I haven’t even built my app, and I’m already picking out alternative storage options to build into it so costs stay low post-launch.


there is an option to use a Box plugin + Box subscription which gives you 100GB for like 10 bucks.

If it can be of any use…


Thanks, @nur.ibrayev,

But the thing of using no code for me is to have all in one, having your database, domain, workflows, user features and file storage all in Bubble without having to integrate a thing


fair enough, to have all features included into a bundle for an affordable price would be nice. And I agree that 10gb for 10 bucks isn’t cheap, but it is what it is: we pay for convenience, of not having to code, style, version, authenticate, store, etc…


Here’s another perspective. Please understand what you’re getting for the money. It’s more than simply “file storage”. That post is more than two years old, but my opinion hasn’t changed. In fact, I neglected to mention certain features, such as Bubble’s built-in file privacy handling, which adds further value.

If you’re dealing with images and would like to optimize your Bubble storage, you might consider something like Upload Buddy, which offers client-side image compression (among other things). It was developed specifically to address this issue.


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I hear you, but at the same time, if they’re going to charge so much more than competitor platforms, they should at the VERY least add solid media management. I’m honestly surprised that when I want to place an image from the default Bubble S3 storage, there’s no popup that lets me just select an image I’ve already uploaded. I have to either manually fetch the image’s URL from Data > File Manager or upload a new one. Bubble has done a lot and built an incredibly robust platform, but I’m hoping they work on improving the file management to help justify the extra cost of hosting files with Bubble directly.


I agree that would be handy. Given that there could be hundreds, thousands, or even more files, there would need to be search/filter capabilities; so in essence, it would basically be the functionality of the File manager tab accessible from a popup.

Personally, though, it’s nowhere near the top of the list of improvements I’d like to see in Bubble from a usability standpoint.

Plus, I generally keep multiple tabs open for a given Bubble project. That plus hotkeys makes for fairly quick access.


Would be quite nice if bubble’s file manager could be migrated easily to a third party like Wasabi without trying to use a plugin to replace all of your various file upload inputs, especially if your application is quite old and has several hundred users who have stuff already stored on the built in file manager.

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Oh, agreed. I think there’s plenty higher up the list.

Agree, we pay for convenience and for an all in one solution, but they charge 80 times more than AWS (if my math is right).

It would be acceptable if they charge 3 or 4 times more.


I’m looking into using Wasabi, but it’s hard to tell what implications there are to using 3rd party file storage and how that affects development, especially since Bubble doesn’t really have a solid CMS.

I use Wasabi for image and video storage (ZQ have a nice plugin for it) and it’s working great :slight_smile:

Because files in the bubble database are really just URL’s there’s no real different is dev (other than creating the UI for uploading and a couple of extra workflows for adding to wasabi etc). Files are still as accessible as if you were using the Bubble file manager.


I’ve heard is really cheap, cheaper than AWS :open_mouth

I agree, I think it’s the only pro of using Bubble’s storage, the only thing is the price

Awesome, but the thing is that managing other software (Wasabi) for a web app that can be only in one (Bubble) is a deal breaker

I’m not sure how that’s different from your one Bubble database?

I haven’t tried, but I’m assuming you could use your access keys in different bubble apps and just have appropriate buckets.

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