Significantly Reduce Extra File Storage Costs - $10 for 10GB?

I’ve spent most of my day playing around on this to see if it’s suitable to test a build rather than hard code it. It looks really good and functional, then massively let itself down when it came to hearing back from the support that 10GB extra file storage is an astronomical $10USD.

Not that I’m doing anything similar but there is a tutorial how to build out another youtube clone or netflix. Can you imagine the bills even with a handful of users posting videos.

Where at the worst AWS is currently $0.023 per GB on US servers, I honestly cannot understand the pricing model. Even if $10USD was for 100GB that would still be 4.5x more expensive than AWS S3.

Is it really an insane markup or am I missing something fundamentally obvious to others?

I would expect under $0.06-08 per GB at the most expensive with for the convenience factor of the extra storage via the platform that charges for production usage anyway.

Has Bubble made any comment about lowering pricing? I can see some old posts showing it was $0.03 per GB a few years ago, then increased and that it was going to be reduced to $1 per 10GB (which is still very overpriced at that rate in my opinion).

Does anyone else have a workaround? Is the alternative offered, Box, any good? Otherwise its a really great product but not one I could use if I couldn’t easily solve the storage cost issue :upside_down_face:

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Agreed that Bubble’s storage is crazy expensive …

But there are loads of external storage options around.

I use AWS S3… it costs next to nothing… it takes a bit of setting up, even with the Bubble plugins available… but well worth it if you have a lot of file storage requirements…

But there are plenty of other options available as well…


Yeah, the cost of storage definitely sucks, but in most cases the included storage is sufficient for the odd profile picture or document upload.

If you need more space, you’re definitely better off connecting via plugin/api to S3 bucket storage.


Slowed my roll on launching when I realized the costs and switched to Google cloud storage.

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Thank you. I already use S3 for storage which is why I was more shocked. I’ll have a play around tomorrow and see if I can find a S3 plugin or way to connect a bucket. I wish they had a plugin to connect to your own S3 easily, I’m surprised nobody has built one and charged a one-off fee to buy it

Do they have a plugin for Google cloud storage? I’m more familiar with AWS but know the pricing is quite similar and far cheaper than what’s on offer.

@redvivi has done a lot of work in this space. Link to the plugins below

I’m not familiar with all of them, but fairly sure he has a script to simplify setup for the DB solutions.


@aaron16 @K.T @justin.hume @adamhholmes - I totally agree that the Bubble storage cost is far higher than it should be. I’ve been considering building and offering a dedicated Bubble file storage service that would be cheaper than Bubble’s offering and easier to use than setting up your own AWS/GCP, etc.

To set up, you would only need to create an account and install a plugin on your app to upload/download files. It would be a simple monthly cost and not include any ingress or egress charges.

Is that something you guys might be interested in? What price point per GB would you consider reasonable?

Feel free to private message me if you have any feature suggestions or if you’d consider being an early adopter.



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+1 for @redvivi 's

I laugh whenever I hear Bubble $1000/TB, Wasabi $6/TB


Reminder it is 10X better than what it used to be.

( I 100% agree it is ridiculous now, and criminal before; $10 for 10GB )

Correct! Setup is automated for GCP and AWS using the above stated plugins.

Would you guys say Wasabi is a good platform to use if one was building a Dropbox or Box competitor? (with constant ingress, egress, and API calls). I know wasabi has free ingress and egress, but only to the amount of storage you pay for

Sounds like a good idea. I’ve not built anything on Bubble yet. I imagine they wouldn’t be too happy about it or may just reduce their own costs? It is extremely high though.

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Is it this that I need AWS S3 Dropzone & SQS Utilities?

For AWS S3 usage yes.

Yes it is a big shame how much Bubble is charging for additional storage space. Really not good for the brand reputation. They should think of other revenue streams this is 80ies style rip-off.