Google cloud storage synchronization for my ERP app

Hello everybody, I am new here and a beginner to bubble.

I am creating an ERP app for my business and I need some help.
One of the main functionalities is our employees taking a photo with their smartphones. Then this photo would automatically be saved inside the company’s google cloud storage (the user could also specify a folder or make a new folder for the photo(s).
I would also like to use my ERP app as a front end for all google cloud storage operations. So basically, employees would work with the app but files would get stored in google cloud and be synchronized at all times.

Can anyone please give me hints or specific directions what’s the best way to go about this functionality?

Kind regards!

Can you please elaborate what you mean by synchronizing? Do you replicate file storage both on the app and Google Storage?

Meanwhile, I may suggest one piece of the puzzle:

Sure, happy to elaborate.
Right now all our company files (a small company of 50 employees) are on google drive. And we (the entire company) access those files through google desktop or the web google drive interface.
I would like for us to access our google cloud storage through the app I am working on. So when we add/remove/change files and folders I would like everything to be done on the bubble-made app. Not that we would still need saving and accessing files on google interface.
That would be step #1 for me.
I will work forward from that state.
Kind regards

Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage are two entirely different systems. Unsure what you try to do will fly then.

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