How to bypass Bubble's US based S3 bucket to save my files directly on another server/service

Hi Folks,

I have a compliance requirement in my app where i cannot save some user files just about anywhere. They need to be on servers located in India. I am planning to use India based GCP to store these files.

A part of compliance is that the files should also not pass through the Bubble’s servers in order to reach the said GCP location.

Is there a way to accomplish that? Does file uploader even allow you to upload to another location directly instead on Bubble’s S3 bucket?

Please share any plugin or workaround that you have tried successfully.

If this isn’t possible on Bubble, then i would need to know that too.

Yes :grin:

Each plugin triggers an event for each file uploaded, so on each event you would save a File (new datatype) to your database with all the relevant fields/values

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Hey @tylerboodman

This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:
I will check it out and ask if i have more questions.

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Generating the pre-signed upload URL has a cold start time if it hasn’t been run by a user in a while, so once you get the whole thing working and if it’s still too much wait time you can make a Google Cloud Function to do it instead using the AWS SDK and call it via the API connector

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Won’t the GCF have a cold start time? Or do you know a trick?

Ice cold start time is still like 1 or 2 seconds instead of the 10+ (or even 20 I feel like) seconds from Bubble SSA

And GCFs you can set a minimum number of instances to keep warm if you really want to fork over the few extra cents per month :rofl:

And you can just keep your secret keys as environment variables in the GCF

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Nice tip. Cheers. Great idea. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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