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How to use Prefer Results Around for Searchbox Geographic location element

The searchbox gographic location is working properly, and my APIs are set up correctly.

I’ve noticed that bubblers have set up this “prefer results around” setting to “Canada” or “United States”

How is this done? When I type in this box, nothing happens, and Bubble has no documentation on this.


Have you solved this one? I’m as well curious.

I don’t think it was solved

Just type in whatever you want in your ‘prefer results around’ box. Can be an actual address, a city, state or country.

Then a radius field appears and set your radius in metres.

Simple :slight_smile:

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I am struggling with this “prefer results around” option…

I am trying to limit results to a specific country (France in my case) but when I enter “France” in “Prefer results around” no matter the value of the radius (I’ve tried different values including 0) I always get results from countries located thousands of miles/km from France including Canada, Vietnam etc.

Is that feature really working ? What am I doing wrong ? Does anyone know of a workaround to limit the searchbox results to a given country, region or city ?

It worked for me by entering a Post Code of some place in my city and it recognised and autocompleted the city and the country in the “Prefer results around” field

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I have the same issue, in my case limiting the search results to Switzerland. Is there anyone who can help with this?