Google Login - Fetch user data

I’ve been able to do login with Google in my app but I don’t know how I can get data from their Google account. For now I need the name that they have in their Google account.

Can someone help please ?

Thanks in advance.

I think you will need to set up the API connector to do a call to get this information, with the OAUTH login to get the token. Have a search.

The endpoint will be something like …

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Hi NigelG !
Thanks for your help, can you please expand on using the OAUTH login to make the API request ?
I checked the API connector plugin’s authentication options and this is what I get:
Which option should I use?

Thanks in advance!

OAUTH2 User-Agent Flow

If you do a seach on the forum there should be several examples of what you need in the fields.

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Thanks Nigel!!