Log in with Google and get user name + email

Hi Bubble user,

First of all, I love this community and product. I am trying to log users in with just Google because my app focuses on their gmail contents. I know there are two different plug ins - google log in and gmail.
Is it possible to have the user just log in with google or gmail and I can get both their emails along with their name etc. (obviously with their permission.)

Example - User signs up/logs in using gmail. I can retrieve user name, profile pic AND their gmail contents.

I am hoping to just use a plug in but if I need to, I can play around with APIs etc. Google API console is so confusing!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Nevermind I got it. I can add multiple scopes by putting scopes with spaces!

@patelamit, have you find your way out ?
If yes can you explain it to me please.
I’ve done all the stuff to login with Google account but i can’t get the user name
Thank’s for your help