Google Map (Bubble default element) > Unselect marker


I’m using the action [set current map marker] and it works just fine, showing my “custom selected icon” as expected at the right place. So far so good.

Now, upon a user specific action (say a click on a button for instance) I would like to unselect that marker (empty / clear / get back to initial state of the map with all markers being the same unselected markers) but I can’t figure out how…

  • There is no specific action to unselect a given marker
  • Using the action “clear markers” doesn’t change the current marker selection
  • You cannot set the current marker to an empty value (error)

The only way to get rid of that selection is… to select another marker but you still end up with one selection which is not what I want: I want no selection at all.

Does anyone know how to do that?


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