[New Feature] Action to set selected Map marker

Hi guys,

We’ve made a couple improvements to the built-in Map element to make it easier to build UIs that involve selecting an item on a map.

If the map is displaying a list of markers, you can now use a new action, “Set current map marker”, to change the map’s current marker. Previously, the only way to change which marker was selected for the user to click on it; you can now change it via a workflow action.

We’ve also added a way to make it visible to the user which marker is currently selected. There’s now a “Custom selected icon” property that lets you specify an icon to show for the selected marker, so that you can visually distinguish the marker the user clicked on, or that you selected via the new action. The options for “Custom selected icon” are similar to those for “Customized icon”: you can either upload an image directly, or select a field on the data you are displaying to pull a selected icon from.


This is awesome!! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

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That’s great, keep up the great work!

I’m running into a slight issue when I’m using the Music Player plugin. I’m unable to select that element as the element when using a “An element is clicked” condition in the workflow. Can you please add the Music Player element as a selectable element?

Thank you!

Can you do something like this for tagging photos with markers and letting user place a marker on any part of the photo?

Great news, I’ve been hoping for this to come! Thanks team!

I can’t seem to get the “Custom selected icon” to work. I assume all I need to do is upload the icon I want to use? or do I need to trigger it’s visibility with a workflow?

“Custom selected icon” don’t work! After uploading the image and clicking on the placeholder, nothing changes. What action is needed??

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

My maps have stopped working.

Any ideas?

Did you get this sorted? Having the same issue.

Unfortunately not. It is still not working.

Hi everyone.
I can’t manage to make the marker change. I uploaded the custom icon I wish as in the print screen. But it doesn’t show up in the preview. The preview still shows the traditional red marker. Help!

I’m still having the same issue as well for the “To select” marker (custom selected icon) not working. It doesn’t work if someone clicks on the marker and it also doesn’t work using a “Set current map marker for [your map]” workflow action. Yes, I have the map set to a List, which it pulls from a database. For the “To select” field, I was expecting to see something like ['s Marker] as an option. So it’s a little confusing what this field value should be. Right now, I’m using ['s GeoAddress].

Try the Google maps extended plug-in. It should have custom markers and actions for those markers. Check the service url for the demo

I am in the process of customizing the display of information when I click on a marker, this is what I would like to display, can you help me with that please ?


One thing that would help a lot is letting users add texts for each marker (like price). Its very hard to implement.

I have tried it but for me it shows less options than the current one.

Check the demo/showcase page. URL should be in app description