Google Map Marker Cluster

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The screenshot attached shows the successful implementation of the clustered markers. The implementation below is too customized for a client to release for public use. Anyone interested in a public version can declare an interest here.

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I am creating a app with this feature also. This your system, is it a template ?

I’ll convert into a plugin in the coming weeks.

Hello @koechamos51 has this been converted to a plugin? I’m interested in using this setup.

I am also looking for some way to cluster markers using Google Maps Extended, Leafy Maps or Mapbox.
Something like @googlemaps/js-markerclusterer
Any help @koechamos51 or from anyone else would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll share a link to the released plugin. You’ll however supply the markers in JSON format at this time. Current plugin support adding image to the marker via a card popup.

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Thank you, that would be very helpful.
I got some clustering working using Leafy Maps, but I would like to push it further, so I’ll be interested in seeing how your plugin functions.

Google Maps extended latest beta has clustering. We are almost done with the new stable release along with new documentation website in the works now

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any luck?

Yep! Please see this post