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Map clustering to Google Maps

I’ve been looking for a plugin or some way to add the cluster code for Google maps


Google docs:

Medium article on how to do it with html etc.

I have tried to use the HTML element and include the example code within tags and adding a standard Bubble Google Map element with an # ID that matches what I have in the HTML

However I’m not getting any results… it was probably wishful thinking to imagine I could ‘just do that’ :slight_smile:

Any ideas, help would be awesome.

i believe the bdk googlemaps plugin does have a cluster feature built in, if that’s helpful :heavy_check_mark:

Hey thanks for that and i checked that one out (BDK) but it appears the developer has gone missing (hasnt posted, been active in a while) so I am reluctant to put in an important part of my application that could break.

All i really need is clustering at a certain zoom level…

Leafy Maps plugin has the cluster feature.

i’ve just installed and will give it ago, I’ve not used any alternative to Google Maps (mapbox), so this will be interesting to see how they compare - thanks.

Just wondering if there is any documentation for the plugin?