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Create Worklfow-like Map With Connector Lines


Has anyone ever done, or know how to, create a dynamic or user created workflow or site map app using Bubble? At it’s most basic, I’m looking to create a hierarchical site map tool that will let me add a page, link to to another page and when clicked it will take me to a page representation where I can create some text, add a file, links etc. I believe that side of it will be pretty easy, but the creating of the new page and linking them, being able to more them and arrange them is something I can’t find any reference for.

Again, any help or pointers in the right direction will be gratefully received.

Thanks for the help in advance.

it is not possible to create “new” Bubble pages like that, however what you can do is a have dynamic pages where you “send” data (maybe the name of the new virtual page) to a particular page. You can then include the name of the page in the URL so it looks like a new page.

An example here. The bubble page is called “block” but I have many virtual pages that can be created. It is a lot more flexible that way, you don;t have to maintain them all :slight_smile:

As for the map/connector lines … that could prove an interesting challenge.

Hi Nigel,

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. The example you sent is fantastic and has given me some ideas. I think you have answered my question about the pages, definitely.

The connector line issue will take further work. I have seen, and used Javascript libraries that can do this I guess I need to put some more solid examples together.

Thank you for your answers though.