Google maps asks for location when initial content is circular (empty)

I’ve been trying to find a workaround for this for weeks. I have a map with initial content referencing an input (which references map center for pan) allowing the user to search and/or pan the map to find a location/address but the setup is circular so the map doesn’t technically have an initial value – reverting to google maps typical new york location by default… but because of this – for some reason unknown to me and bubble support – this prompts for user location – on page load (even with elements hidden) The biggest issue is that my setup functions really well and I don’t need user location at all but I can’t manage to prevent it from asking.

Any thoughts?

On click “coordtoaddress” swaps for search input so user can search (toggled)

have you figured out a way to resolve this issue?

The solution is to not do what I’m doing.

As slick as my set up was, allowing a user to both search for a location and pan map for location, both auto filling the correct address in the same field – it only works by circular initial value OR coding your own Google maps plugin. Based on how I was using this I have decided to abandon this functionality in this way and use a simpler approach.

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