Google maps costs skyrocketing, need help to bring down costs!

Hello Everyone,

My app is an airbnb for parking spots. I need google maps to display available spots on a map.

My app has recently caught the attention of big medias and usage is going through the roof. The Google maps API is going crazy and my bill is already at almost $150 in five days, when the business is not making money yet. It’s very problematic !

I’m looking for ways to reduce this google maps usage / stop using it permanently.

I don’t need updated google maps everyday, my map only operates in 2 cities. Would there be a way to use for example pre-downloaded google maps areas so that API requests are not necessary anymore ?

Any other idea is welcome, I really need to stop this bloodbath ! :pray: :pray:

Thank you

Yes, but that would basically be a static image, so no real use for your app as you need to add markers with available spots with up to the minute readings for the app to be of use to its’ user base.

Switch to using another map provider. Mapbox is cheaper than Google maps on the initial 50,000 map views, but after that is on par with Google costs. Stadia maps is the cheapest I believe and costs about $20 a month for 1million credits which I think is 1 credit = 1 map view.

Can use stadia maps in leafy maps plugin


Thank you for you reply Matthew

I wish there would be a way to implement fully functional offline maps, not just a static image. Just like on your phone, when you are in another country without much data, you can download a fully functional area of google maps for offline use.

Thanks for your suggestions regarding Mapbox and Stadia. Pricing is cheaper indeed. I will try to play with these 2.