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Need some really basic Google Maps API billing information

Hi All
I set up some kind of billing account with Google so I could use the Google Maps BDK for free which worked. Now my free 90 days have expired so my Bubble App is full of errors. I need to get the Google billing thing back up and running but I’m a bit intimidated by the sheer volume of information I’m looking at and I’m a bit nervous about just opening up my credit card to them to hit with unspecified charges every time the map in my App is used as it’s not even live yet.
I don’t envisage making that many map hits but can anyone tell me if these charges are really low so it doesn’t matter or are they covered by an apparent €200 a month that they allow you (which now my free trial has expired I might not be getting) or are they exorbitant charges that will be made to my care every time I open the map?
If anyone can put my mind at ease, I’d greatly appreciate it. And I apologise for my lack of understanding in this area…I’m here to learn and you’ve got to start somewhere.

This depend on which call you are doing

Look at maps embedded, maps javascript and if you use distance matrix, there’s another pricing table I think.
But what you can do is to limit the # of API call you allow each month for an API an avoid to go over the 200 credit that Google give.