Google maps distance matrix

Hello everyone i am trying to show the duration between 2 places using google maps extended
for some reason the text element is empty even though in the element inspector it has a value.

As you can see it says 31 mins. but the text is empty

Also i keep getting a request denied error when i try to use the maps api keys with restrictions any insights would be greatly appreciated!

thank you.

This part might be about the size of the text. Usually if the text is bigger than the box, it becomes invisible. Try to make the text smaller or the text box bigger.

I don’t know about the second part. But it looks like some kind of permission issue with the maps API you are using. You have to enable a set of things for the key to be successfully used in maps api.

Thank you so much it worked but at the same time it didnt work, when i changed the font size it displayed the text once but it stopped after. It displays the time properly on another page so its fine i will figure it out from here, thanks again!

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