Google Maps element plugin with improved UX - help needed

Hi there,

I’m keen to build or get help building a Google Maps element plugin that has more advanced UX features to the standard maps element offered in Bubble. I’ve got a limited grasp of java script and I’m struggling to get started using the plugin builder. There is plenty of google documentation so I’m thinking this should be relatively straight forward once I get over the initial knowledge barrier.

Things I’d like to do as a minimum
-interactive map markers that highlight on hover or click
-custom info marker window
-info window popup on hover
-ability to show kml polygon on map

Can anyone kick me off? Also willing to consider a freelance arrangement if someone is keen to build?


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I’ve had an attempt at constructing a google map element plugin where I plan to add some customised features.

I’m having issues upfront with calling the google maps API. The map variable comes back as undefined.

I’ve also tried inserting a script tag in the header with the google maps standard callback but the API key which is required appears to clash with the current bubble google map API key.

Code is provided below. Any ideas?




Did you get any further with the plugin?

No, not much further to the above.

Unfortunately, I am no more knowledgeable than you so I can’t help. However, I wanted to stand in the back and let you know that I am rooting for you. I am especially interested in this feature.

I’m assuming you already did this, but for good hygiene: did you already look into this plugin: Google Maps API?

If you guys want to rally up a some sponsorship, I will gladly integrate it.

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Hey @jarrad I was planning to upgrade my already popular Google maps API plugin with some elements .

Direct message me if your interested in have a co development on it

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Yes. What do you have in mind?

I love what is happening here.

Actually this has been on my list for a while now. So alright what are you guys looking for in terms of features. And please let’s keep it simple and to the point

Up to you @AliFarahat just depends on if it has people that want to fund it. I think we are learning people dont want to pay a monthly fee for stuff… dont blame them to be honest…

Ya I have noticed that too. I am currently offering both app and subscription. Since the plug-in store came online I have to increase the per app license to justify the subscription fees.

Yer im listing them on the store but offering “personal” customised versions at fixed rates.

If this is on your list, I’m after a Google map element plug-in that has the same functionally as the standard Bubble Google map element, but with added functionally to display a kml or preferably multiple kmls on the Google map.

I’d be happy to consider some level of group sponsorship if there is a collective demand for such a plugin.

Interested to see how you get on.

Yeah for sure. I would love to have kml too. Let discuss this with @jarrad and get back to you guys

Same here, display KMLs. Something like this.

  • diplay KML block, with dynamic colors (I would like to display 3 different colors based on the area’s status)
  • when a user searches for his address, show the pop-up of that area (if covered)
  • on click, pop-up where I can add text and a button
  • responsive
  • I can draw the blocks outside of Bubble (just in case this is complicated)

I am also very open to put some money on the table.

(PS: if you are into the screen recording app that I used above, use my referral link? :wink: )

That would be great guys - look forward to getting this up and running

I would also be open to chip in for additional functionality.
I’m surprised that bubble haven’t put more effort into this themselves to keep people on this platform.

I would be interested in functionality like this:

Google Maps Android API v2: Visualizing the search radius with the helping of ValueAnimator - Stack Overflow
Circles  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google for Developers
imageCustom Animated Google Maps Markers | Dylan Vann
Ability to define a zone e.g. between 4 markers.
Google Maps Multi-Purpose server side Markers clustering script v3.1 by karpovigorok

Not exactly a fair statement. :thinking:
Do you know how many people are behind Bubble? They have done a hell of a job allowing idiots like me finally learn how to “code” (or at least think like a coder), connect APIs, etc…

But anyway, this is not the point of this thread.

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Not the point correct. However if you want to stay the best of what you do and charge for it you also have try to have the best components. I work for another SW company and if we don’t always stay up to what customers want for “free” we lose them to competition. That’s how it is.
I have no problem paying for functionality and I like the idea behind Bubble.

Any news here?
Getting a google maps plugin capable of drawing a polygon based on a list of locations would be totally awesome. Especially if we can create the said polygon via the same map and save it. I’m ready to chip in a fair share to get it done.